The Train of Consciousness

Train tracks curving round with trees in background and a dusk quality of light

Photo by Irina Kostenich @

Referring to a well designed product or system – what is there, is only what needs to be there,  in cohesion. No more, no less. That’s the solution. The parts need to be in tune with the whole. The parts could be the components of a product, they could be products in relation to their environment and the wider system. What needs to be there? That is the challenge. This forms the basis of the design process and in order to meet the need in the most effective way a balanced understanding is necessary. For me this is artistic, technical, philosophical, academic and spiritual.

A product or system is an expression of our consciousness and our consciousness and way of being is influenced by what already exists. Thus what we create, to some extent, informs how we are and what we create in the future. The state of our consciousness matters – this is the practice.  It illustrates the fact that we have a big responsibility in determining what we create and how we do so. This process is co-creation. It is a collaboration between the client, the designer, the manufacturer and all the other people involved. Lets co-create beautiful solutions that make our lives better and make the world a better place to be in, for us and for future generations.