A Small Collection of Work

by Craig

Commissioned Teak Wardrobe

This piece is made up of smaller lengths joined with loose tenons and grooves. No stain, just a simple wax finish and left to patina with age.

Painting of vertical white blue and brown colours

Art for me brings an organic element to work and is complimentary to the craft.

It activates a slightly different circuit which is important.

Abstracted artwork of sun shining down through trees out of wood cut and paint
Pencil sketch of spiral shape

Poster design

I have a quiet fascination with designing posters. I am sure this will develop over the years. Here are a few that I’ve started with.

Detail is important so long as it is in tune with the the whole.

In woodworking joinery is right at the core of it. In design carefully crafted details can make a product sing – just don’t get too lost in them. I’ve heard it said that God is in the details and on a separate occasion that the devil is in the details. I think it depends on how you approach it.

Illustration of white cermic butter dish with a thin wooden top and handle by Bemu