Close up of a brightly colored peacock feather
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The Distinction Between Good Design and Taste

I think lots of people confuse these two things, so I thought I’d lay a few thoughts down on the matter.
Pencil sketch of a masasa tree with a grey blue background

Industrial Design as Art

The msasa trees are losing their leaves. Gusts of wind surge through the valley. Then moments of calm. Punctuated by msasa pods popping and falling; signifying a change in season. I feel a shift in me too. My temperament echoes in this change; I feel some respite during spring, I just need to hold it in the balance, not overcompensate. Industrial design as art? Work as art?
Train tracks curving round with trees in background and a dusk quality of light

The Train of Consciousness

Referring to a well designed product or system - what is there, is only what needs to be there,  in cohesion. No more, no less. That's the solution. The parts need to be in tune with the whole. The parts could be the components of a product, they could be products in relation to their environment and the wider system. What needs to be there? That is the challenge.
Bemu logo lowercase text surrounded by rectangular frame

Bemu – Brand Name Rational

What is this brand name all about? We could say be-mu. Be as in to exist. This refers to bringing ‘something’ into existence which can’t be considered out of the context of our own existence. What does it mean to bring ‘something’ into existence and where does ‘something’ come from? What does it mean to exist? I am interested in these questions because the act of designing or producing artwork is in essence is an act of creation. For me this creation is inextricably linked to living; I am creative. These questions are difficult to answer though. I believe that any intellectualised attempt at answering them would be going only part of the way.