Close up of a brightly colored peacock feather
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The Distinction Between Good Design and Taste

I think lots of people confuse these two things, so I thought I’d lay a few thoughts down on the matter.
Train tracks curving round with trees in background and a dusk quality of light

The Train of Consciousness

Referring to a well designed product or system - what is there, is only what needs to be there,  in cohesion. No more, no less. That's the solution. The parts need to be in tune with the whole. The parts could be the components of a product, they could be products in relation to their environment and the wider system. What needs to be there? That is the challenge.
Painting of a line of trees with blue purple clouds and sky

Getting Back Into Artwork

This is hard. Where concept, hope and expectation meet cold, hard reality. For me it starts with a compulsion. It usually goes something like this; “let’s paint a masterpiece”. Shit.
Acrylic semi abstract painting of one red figure and one blue figure with a multicolored background

So Close, So Far

So let us be companions then he said. Why not? Complimentary but different. We could start a fire. Or did we? Burning cold and hot. Separated in peace. Would I melt if I touched you?