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Bemu is a creative studio and small light manufacturing business based in Harare Zimbabwe. Founded by myself Craig van de Ruit on the belief that good design and beautifully crafted products can improve the quality of peoples lives both for the end consumer and those working in the business. With a background in art and industrial design I am now applying myself to bringing a small range of simple but elegant pieces to the market in Zimbabwe and beyond. I believe that there is a healthy balance between using machinery to achieve reasonable efficiencies and hand tools that strengthen the connection with the craft. In addition a single piece of furniture is made from start to finishing process by a single carpenter as apposed to a production line. This creates a varied work day for the carpenter with limited monotony. An apprenticeship scheme is being implemented to encourage and foster talent for new carpenters.

Timbers are sourced locally for now with the primary candidates being Teak and Eucalyptus Grandis aka Saligna. These timbers are finished to enhance but maintain the natural beauty of the grain with no stain.

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